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School Cleaning

CT Services has been cleaning schools for over two decades, with experience in schools of all sizes with different requirements. As a company, we understand the importance of providing the best environment possible for children of all ages to thrive in, so we take care of the classrooms, dining halls and receptions so that the school’s staff can take care of the bigger tasks. To ensure the best service is given, a small group of our cleaners are provided to work alongside school employed staff to make sure our teams are getting things done correct to the faculty’s standards. This is on sites where we have up to 12 cleaners and on site supervisors – all of which are fully managed by our Area Manager to ensure things are dealt with efficiently and with 100% attention to details.

Due to our extensive experience in school cleaning, we understand the importance of safeguarding. with safeguarding in mind, a requirement for our cleaners and any applicants is carrying out DBS checks to an enhanced level as well as additional security checks.

In addition, it is understood that there are particular pressures that schools, bursars and business managers are put under to get the best value for money whilst also maintaining a clean and sanitised environment for staff and pupils alike. To help ease these pressures, we also provide flexible arrangements to cover maternity leave, sickness and holiday within the school employed staff.

CT Service provide a superior cleaning service at a reasonable rate. I would recommend getting quote when looking for a Cleaning service.
Kenneth via Google (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)